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i think i’ve been here

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Me dressing summer sharp recently
I’m working some things out

Whoa, sports are really gay.


grass stain - waxahatchee


I love this dope shiettt

i’m sitting at a dunkin donuts right now waiting for a call from a mechanic and the internet won’t let me look at my blog because it thinks it’s porn.

This goes out to all my under brewed, double-duped, two times true fools

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kyanite: inspires loyalty and fair treatment to others. Assists in aligning your chakras, promotes inner balance, and defends against negative influences. The ultramarine blues in kyanite are an astrological power color for Sagittarius. Thank you for sending these to me @cosmichomie #kyanite #crystals #focus #energy #sagittarius
This trail has been extended #trail #adventure #collage #signage #nature #explore #vsco #vscocam

Sadie Wechsler